Oblò is the a compact and lightweight instrument, easy to install it fits in a standard 3 1/8″ (80mm) cutout with a round display.

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Attitude indicator
Airspeed tape
Altitude tape
Heading tape
Vertical speed indicator
G-meter with peak memory
Slip indicator
Turn rate indicator
Target bugs may be set for heading and altitude
GPS receiver (Optional)
Intercom Signal out
Software upgradable by means of USB port


Data logger
2 axis autopilot capability

Main Screens – Attitude Indicator:

Easily readable menu cells, with autozoom on the selected item allowing access to the desired informations in a easy and intuitive way and parameter settings. This picture shows the reading of the G – meter peak reading

HSI ( Horizontal Situation Indicator):

HSI screen, when connected with a GPS via Nmea output, provides current position, direction, distance when a GoTo or flight plan is activated, when not connected with GPS, it is gyrodirectional.

Master Altimeter:

With the new improved feature oblo becomes a real drum altimeter that allows to set the reference pressure in the QNH boxes in HPA as well as in HG.