Trusted by Tuners: Since 2003 PLX widebands have been used worldwide to tune internal combustion engines making them run cleaner, operate more efficiently, and produce more power. 

Fast and Accurate: PLX widebands employ a PID critically damped technology. When the sensor detects a change in the oxygen content, the wideband controller reacts optimally, not to quickly to cause oscillation, and not to slowly where the sensor becomes laggy. All PLX widebands are accurate to less than 0.1 AFR (gasoline) and are individually hand tested before they are shipped. 

Installs Easily: Plug and play install requires no manual calibration. Simply install O2 sensor, connect the wire harness and apply power. Its that simple. 

Plays Nice : Includes a 0-5V wideband analog output for easy interface with aftermarket ECU’s and 3rd party data
loggers. A 0-1V narrowband output allows you to replace your stock O2 sensor without having to weld a separate O2 Bung. Works with gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, LPG, Diesel, E85

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